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My passion is books. I love reading, writing and selling books. I do all three!

I was an avid reader throughout my childhood. By the age of thirteen I had read nearly all the books in the children’s section of a small library in Camberwell Green where I lived. After that I took to writing books. I wrote my first novel when I was fourteen.  No one ever saw it!  I remember the first time I saw a book with a black child on the cover and I grabbed it to read.  It  was called ‘Ben on the Run’. It was about a boy who was the son of an African diplomat in London. After and attempted kidnap, he went on the run with two white children he had befriended. I’ll never forget the book. It stayed with me, because for the first time, after reading so many books as a child, I realised that books could be about me, and stories could be about me.  I started to write because I wanted to see myself in books.

Books have always inspired me and that’s why I started to write a series of books aimed at children to introduce them to new role models, some historical, who have surmounted numerous barriers to reach success. The first one: Valiant Women came out in 2010, followed by a second: Ready, Steady, GOLD in 2012. The books are versatile, packed with facts,  assignment ideas and colourful illustrations.