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Hi , Zindika, here I am! Some of you will already know me as Zindika, proprietor of Risebooks – selling children’s book. Well, I am still risebooks, but in name only. I am still in the book business – but only now I sell my own creations. I am the writer of 4 books. I have written a novel, three non-fictions of which two are aimed at children and young people. I wrote my two historical non-fiction books because people were always asking me, haven’t you got any books for older children and teenagers; and, haven’t you got any history books. There was obviously a gap there which I alone couldn’t fill, but I could make a start, so I researched and published my first two books for the older age group ‘Valiant Women’ and ‘Ready, Steady, Gold’. These books brought together short international profiles on people of colour, going back as far as Nanny of the Maroons, Queen Nzinga to Michelle Obama, from Jesse Owens to Usain Bolt. My main aim was to inspire and educate through the lives of these historical and present day figures.

What’s your child reading?

If you are interested in reviewing any of my books, please email me at for a free copy or order copies from this website:

My passion is of course books and always has been. I read, write and sell books, so I feel like I know books from every angle. I started Risebooks in 2003, and there was nothing quite like it, just out there selling books for children of colour.  Selling books, you get to know people, know their interest and what they like reading.  Reading is human; reading is communication, so reading is not going to go out of fashion; books neither. Books in its present format have a lot of competition from ebooks and social media, but they will stand the test of time.  Nothing can beat a lovely, colourful illustrated book and a well children told story for a child at bedtime.  As a teacher I am of course interested in the education of and young people so I will continue on my site to review and recommend children’s books. So please contact me if you’ve got a book you’d like me to review on my blog.

Also, check my other site:, for monthly pick me up, meditate and grow, with well chosen quotes and comments. Hopefully, it will bring a glow to your day.

You can contact me below and get details of my new books and publication dates.



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